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All Work. All Play.

Supremely comfortable essentials

Supremely comfortable essentials

Life is yours to make


Choosing what to wear is a choice worth pondering. We just want to make that choice a little easier.

With easy-care, stretchy (but never saggy!) fabrics and playful silhouettes, our clothes are truly effortless. We believe in consuming fashion intelligently, not frequently. Each and every one of our garments is designed to move you forward, or backwards, or sideways. Up or down. (Do you teleport? Tell us!)

We don’t want wear-to-work to be another thing you have to worry about but rather have fun with.

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Buzz around town

The single item in my closet I get the most compliments on is the Margot pant. People literally will stop me on the street!

Vivian, Los Angeles

The Margot top is my favorite top! It's so versatile, it's even great for breastfeeding.

Ella, Toronto

My go-to pant for work, travel, anything is the Margot pant. I'm obsessed!

Janet, New York City