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Journalist and Director; Former Entertainment Media Editor at Vogue

Sophia Li
Sophia Li
Sophia Li
Sophia Li
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The Pockets Project Founder; 
Senior Director of Lifetime Membership, Girl Scouts of the USA;
Founder, Dear Kate 

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Meet Marika Frumes

Co-Founder HER USA; Founder US; Director Global Sales Standard Hotels & BD for One:Night App

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Special Thank You to our dear friend, Jeff Thibodeau (@jeffthibodeau) for capturing these beautiful images!

Meet Neha Gandhi
COO and Editor-in-Chief, Girlboss

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Meet Zoe Dufour
Sculpture Artist, NYC


Zoe warmly welcomed us into her studio where we felt immersed in an art enthusiast’s dream and did not want to wake up. We were surrounded by stunning sculptures, paintings, and sketches with soft smells of paint and plaster. Classical music echoed through the rooms where focus and concentration was apparent. We had moments in between to chat with artists and to observe the silent bustle of those working. 

We chose to photograph with a local artist because we wanted to capture the essence of why we exist - to celebrate our individual and collective career journeys as women and how the process can free us. We make, unmake, and remake to discover ourselves and an artist's journey perfectly captures the tangible outcomes of such a complex process.

 Like Proust, we also believe “artists are people who strip habit away and return life to its deserved glory.” We are thankful to Zoe and The Grand Central Atelier for welcoming us to their sacred space, allowing us to admire their work, and reminding us of life’s beauty.  



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