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The Make was not founded with one goal in mind. Rather, our mission is – much like the woman who wears our clothes – complex. Too often women are told how to be. How to speak authoritatively (but not aggressively) How to leave him wanting more (but not too much) How to proportionally dress a summer salad (Does anyone really think strawberries belong?)

Our point is: we don’t want wear-to-work to be another thing you have to worry about but rather have fun with. 

We want to dress you for all of it. Steve Jobs believed that dad jeans and a black turtleneck every day made Apple, yada yada. Mark Zuckerberg has changed his status more times than he has his clothes since launching Facebook. And while we salute their contributions to #normcore, we maintain that like women, a work uniform can be many things. 

To start, it can (and should) be worn outside of work. It should speak to who you are, and it should say different things on different days and at different moments. Because you are anything but uniform, and what you wear to work/create/play, shouldn’t be either.

A Tailored Rebellion

Choosing what to wear is a choice worth pondering. The Make just wants to make that choice a little bit easier. With easy-care, stretchy (but never saggy!) fabrics and playful silhouettes, our clothes are truly effortless. We believe in consuming fashion intelligently, not frequently. Each and every one of our garments is designed to move you forward, or backwards, or sideways. Up or down. (Do you teleport? Tell us!)

We’d Wear Us

We’d never trust a chef who didn’t like the taste of her own food or a lawyer whose own advice she wouldn’t take. We’re a group of self-starters, creators, and entrepreneurs, and we put our minds together to create the kind of clothes that we felt were missing from the market. You know, the kind that your eyes and hands instinctively gravitate towards when getting dressed in the morning. So come on, get dressed with us. The hustle awaits.